Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bircham Windmill

Our walk this week saw us parking for free at Bircham Windmill, having our own coffee and biscuit before setting up. We didn't feel bad as planned on eating our lunch in their cafe!

You can click here to plan your own walk:

We turned right out of the car park, walked down the lane, then turned left. A little bit of our walk was on the road but in reality, we walked 4 x 1 mile sections, turning left each time, until we came back down another lane, leading to the Mill.

The hedgerows and lanes were full of apple blossom, both crab and general eating varities:
As you can see, the sky was clear blue with lots of aircraft con trails streaking about. Temperature was around 17C, a slightly warm breeze but unfortunately, down some bits, lots of pesky flies. We had T. with us this week:
We walked for 1.5 hours and did just over 4 miles. By the time we got back to the car, we were all very hot, thirsty and hungry.

I finally remembered to bring sandals to change into and was I grateful, my feet were boiling! We all had a quiche and salad (some dispute about the price as we thought we were charge too much compared to their price list).

The cafe has a longer serving area than last time we visited, but unfortunately, they have so much stuff on it, there is only about 3' of clear serving space. It took ages to be served and the place was quite empty. Not sure how long it would take on busy days. They really need to get it sorted, maybe waitress service would be better as it would free the area more!

Back to T.'s for tea and biscuits, a good natter before walking home. All in all, a lovely day.

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  1. My daugheter and partner cycled to Bircham Mill this week, and found it OK - maybe all the staff had returned from their Easter break. We had a good walk on Monday round Lyng & Lenwade with a group of 30 friends from my brother's church, stopping for morning coffee at Lenwade House Hotel.[I would not have paid their full price though, glad the walk organizer had pre-arranged a discount!]


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