Thursday, 3 April 2014


This week for our walk, we parked again at the village hall in Brisley, had our usual coffee, dash of Tia Maria and biscuit then began our walk. Instead of walking down the side of the hall, we walked down the road to the left, ( our backs to the hall0 then turned right up School Lane/Road.

Although there was a mist high in the air (pollution we think) we were not adversely affected by it. Everywhere smelt fine. We came upon a huge water tower, next to a farm of some kind. Lots of buildings but no noise so we assumed they were empty. I was a little too close to get all its top in.
Reaching a junction, we turned left onto Back Lane and headed down the road for a short while before turning right towards Tuttle Mill House and Farm. Although it seemed deserted, we thought it probably wasn't. It had lots of farmyard machinery and old pig huts strewn around, plus numerous old cars.

A very long track took us between fields with rape seed and wheat. By now we were all warming up, especially me as I had chosen to wear my winter waterproof so I could carry bits and bobs in my pockets.  Bad choice as it happened so this and the sleeveless fleece were soon removed and tied around my waist.

At the end of this between fields road, we turn right to walk past Grange and Malthouse Farm, in or near Horningtoft.

I think it was on this stretch of road, we saw this beautiful tree in blossom in a garden.
Although I can't remember where we saw these lovely primroses, they were part of the path (in a ditch) but everyone had walked slightly to their right, creating a new path.
There were hundreds of them. We skirted around another field and head towards Harper's Green, a small wooded area. Eventually we reached Harper's Green farm, and were greeted by a barking dog and some horses. We followed the track across a field. I must admit, I wanted to speed up over the field, as the farmer was spraying something that resembled rotten fish. Luckily though, he stayed away from us, for which we were grateful.

Arriving back at the outskirts of Brisley, we came across two huge fields of these.
Hundreds and hundreds of tubes containing some sort of tree or hedge specimen, lots of different varieties. We couldn't discern what they were though, as not one of the ones we peeped into, had enough growth on the sticks to identify them.

Eventually we arrived back at the village hall, this time from the right if we had stood with our backs to it. Grateful to now get our hot feet out of our walking boots, we though we would give the Brisley Bell another go. It had closed recently for renovation - don't know if there were new people in there or not.

Anyone, when we arrived, it was completely deserted to we drove off to Litcham for a quick sandwich lunch, at The Bull.

This morning, we awoke to pollution sitting high up in the trees and could smell it. Made me cough when I first went out to do some gardening but it appears to have lifted now. Apparently it was quite bad at the coast.


  1. I love that water tower! If I'm honest I enjoy most water towers but that one is especially enjoyable.

  2. We found an amazing yard sale, quite by chance, in Brisley a couple of summers ago- got some real bargains!


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