Thursday, 10 April 2014

Gressenhall and Beetley Walk

Our walk this week was around Gressenhall village and Beetley. It was 4.5 miles and took us around 90 minutes to complete.

We parked at Gressenhall Museum (for free) although there was quite limited parking spaces. We initially thought this was due to the Easter holidays. It wasn't, it was due to 4 conferences being held.

If you want to do the walk yourself, it can be downloaded here

The first part of the walk took us through the village of Gressenhall, where DB noticed a shop selling ice cream - he can never turn one down so off he popped to buy one:
The shop was situated near the common/village green, on which sat one of those lovely wooden village signs:
Nearby was the Swan Pub, which was to be our second choice for eating in if Gressenhall Cafe was too full - (it wasn't as it happened). Once we left the village, we were soon surrounded by fields of spring wheat and rape seed:
As the day was warming up, the 'scent' of them was heavy on the air. We must have heard at least 10 skylarks singing, high in the air. I managed to spot one, it was hovering around 100' or so!

We walked down soon to be leafy tunnels:
Past numerous clumps of primroses, daffodils, and huge banks of what I think was Lesser Stitchwort:
Eventually, we crossed the final field and arrived back at the car to take off our coats and walking boots. Gosh, it does feel so nice to change footwear!

We walked through to the cafe. E. had chips, beans and a sausage roll. DB had pasty, chips and beans. I was good - having a slice of one of the best quiches I have tasted, chips and salad (plus a glass of cold milk for a change from coffee).

We wandered around the free bits of the museum, the cottage vegetables patch looked lovely.


  1. Gressenhall is brilliant - do check out their summer village fete, which is enormous fun

  2. It looks like a lovely walk, my hubby wouldn't have missed an ice-cream opportunity either. It has been a nice few days here in Yorkshire too, good gardening weather :-)

  3. Thanks both of you for taking the time to comment. I still haven't decided whether to keep this as a separate blog yet, even though I like it that way.


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