Friday, 18 April 2014

Syderstone Walks

This week, we walked one of several available, in and around the village of Syderstone. Parking at the village hall, there was a map of several routes on its wall. We did the purple and orange walk, totalling 9km. You can download a pdf for a map of all the walks here

Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera and asked DB to take some photographs on his phone. This is a relatively new wood, quite large and we walked through the middle of it:
Two large groups of free range chickens:
And another one of our lovely wooden village signs:
All in all, a lovely walk. The only thing that spoiled it was travelling to the newly opened food hall and cafe at Creake Abbey.  Considering the cafe has a deli attached to it, they offered just one sandwich (cheese) or one panini (BLT). Other than that, it was meals. We walked out without sitting down and drove for lunch at The Lord Nelson at Burnham Thorpe.

Sandwich choice there was far better. Unfortunately their coffee was not good. I had asked for a latte and was presented with a small cup with white froth on the top. So far so good, although I had expected a larger version for the price (in the end, thank goodness it was small). I checked underneath the froth as I was surprised to be given cold milk with it. No milk in the cup, therefore not a latte.

I think it must have been an espresso as it was dark and bitter. By the time I had added enough milk to make it drinkable, it was stone cold. Its saving grace was a chocolate on my teaspoon!

Previously I had had fruit juice to drink. Still, we have been there more than once and their food is always lovely. Maybe next time, I'll be brave enough to tell them about their coffee.

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