Sunday, 20 April 2014

Wayland Wood

DB and I,  drove over to Wayland to take a look at their bluebells and wood anemone's:
We arrived around 10am, the second car to park and off we went. Although the walk is basically circular, it is very easy to go off piste. You can't get lost as such, just need to listen out for the traffic - that will guide you back to your car.

The wood was full of birdsong and fragrance, most of which, almonds, came from the flowers of the wild bird cherry:
There were small patches of wood anemone, not nearly as many as Foxley Wood:
This white bluebell, all on its lonesome:
We could only see small clumps of bluebells in the distance but halfway around, we took a narrow path, which looked as though it had been trodden recently. The sun popped through just as we arrived, bluebell fragrance lifted into the air and we arrived into an area, heavy with bluebells, as far as the eyes could see:

We saw several small area's of orchid, again not as prolific as elsewhere but beautiful anyway:
We eventually found our way back onto the correct path and arrived back to a full car park. A lovely, peaceful and refreshing interlude to the Easter holidays.

Happy Easter Sunday!

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