Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What have we here then...

I was standing at the front window yesterday, when a movement amongst the emerging flowers, caught my attention.
It was a pair (male and female) of Grey Partridge. They busied themselves for a few minutes nibbling seeds presumably, but left all the leaves alone. They were only passing through, as within 5 or so minutes, had vanished.

Oops, DS has just corrected me, apparently they are French Partridge! Now I know. Apparently, the Grey have grey legs.

Remember me talking about trying the cover the oil tank to make it look a little prettier. Garden netting was applied and in the end, I decided to only plant the none pruning Clematis (the blue one), as mentioned on my previous post. Here it is, planted and lightly tied into place.
A cut open tin has been placed around its stem at the bottom, plus 2 bricks, in the hope that the oil man won't flatten it when filling up the tank!

The ornamental quince bush, is full of buds and one or two blooms are opening. It sits outside the dining room patio doors.

Whilst we all know, that April, and even May, can throw us all some curved balls this time of year, it is so encouraging to see plants springing into growth.

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