Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Flora at Hunstanton

Decided not to show pictures of the beach and dunes at Old Hunstanton, I have shown those many times before. Instead, photographs of the wild flowers were taken: This first one is Bog Asphodel or Yellow Rattle

Southern Marsh Orchid?
Bird's Foot Trefoil in with Yellow Rattle:
All mixed together:
All in all, a lovely walk, topped off with lunch at The Beach Cafe!


  1. I spent lots of time looking at the wild flowers when we wandered around near the dunes on Sunday, there's such variety. I was amazed at the amount of sea thrift in the marsh too, never seen so much.

  2. Don't remember seeing any of that even though I know what it looks like as I have it in my garden. It is all so pretty and so many folks miss it.

  3. Beautiful flowers. I love that cafe. Do they still do the awesome slabs of cake? I used to do a circular walk from Hunstanton, along to Holme, up (down?!) to Ringstead and back to Hunstanton through the Downs (or vice versa) and always stopped for the cake.

    1. They still do home made cakes but we are more savoury orientated. Not sure we could quite walk that far now:)


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