Monday, 19 May 2014

Front Garden

The Oriental Poppies, Iris and Aqualegia have burst into life, bringing needed colour to the circle part of the front gravel garden:
The rest of it, is full to the brim with greenery, awaiting its turn to bloom and change the colour. Similar things are growing and blooming around all four sides to this circle. All roses, including the newly planted David Austin ones, are in full bud and should open shortly.

Don't you just love Spring and early Summer:)


  1. Your garden is looking lovely - I think this time of year is my favourite as far as gardens go.

    1. Me too and probably into July. After that, I haven't got so much going on until the Asters kick in and some of the late Summer flowers, flower again.

  2. Your garden is looking really pretty, the red poppies look wonderful. I love this time if year, I think my garden is at its best just now too. Our soil is quite poor, despite putting compost and mulch down it still dries out very quickly in the sun.

  3. Thank you. I cut them back after flowering then they normally give me another show later in the year. The rain has helped no end and everything looks very refreshed.


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