Saturday, 31 May 2014

New Roses

A few weeks ago, after shuffling some plants and getting rid of tired out ones, I found the room to fit in two more David Austin Roses.

These are both highly fragrant but their blooms are different sizes. The first is Abraham Darby whose first bloom is so heavy for its stem (rain not withstanding), I have had to prop it up on another bud:
The second rose, with a small flower and paler green leaves, is a Bourbon rose Louise Odier:
This brings the total of rose bushes in my front gravel garden to 8, 5 of which are the highly fragrant David Austin type. Of the 3 non-fragrant, one has scarlet flowers and was bought in error as it should have been fragrent but we haven't the heart to throw it away.

Another, we dug up from my MiL's garden when she died. It has pale pink flowers - we believe it to be 43 years old.

DB sent her some flowers in December 1971! When they had finished blooming, she cut off the base of the stems and just pushed them into the ground. Out of the bunch, just one took and this is the one we now have. Every year we think it is on its last legs and being under a thick layer of gravel, it doesn't get given anything other than a handful of either Blood, Fish and Bone or Chicken Pellets each year!

The final one Wedding Anniversary, has white flowers and was given to us as an Anniversary present by the couple whose house we had rented for a weekend many years ago.

Many of the rose blooms have rotted due to too much rain, but once clipped off, the bushes should recover and send out some new ones.


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