Saturday, 10 May 2014

Sheringham Park

Although we have done this walk before, I still love to photograph and show the wonderful flowers on show. Rhododendrons and Azalea's in various colours, in full, fading and beginning stages:

The little yellow one at the end of this picture, is in fact an Azalea with the most delicious heavy scent, something similar to Freesia or Carnations.
We took the red route and walked down the slope to pay another visit to Weybourne Station, mid-station between Sheringham and Holt. Steam train just arriving with a diesel waiting to go out:
We spent 30 minutes here, having sandwiches and coffee, using the most lovely toilets before carrying on. Just near us was a Collared dove in a very artistic nest.
There were also house martins nesting but they were too high up for my camera to get a decent picture. Leaving the station, we carried on with the red route, walking the other half of it. A beautiful lane with bluebells amassed along its edges:
As we walked along this, to our left we heard the steam whistle go and managed to see the train coming back:
Then we came into another area of the park, near Sheringham Hall, and walked through a lovely field full of buttercups, clover and other delicate little flowers:
Finally, after 2 hours and a half hour stop, we arrived back at the car. The walks was around 5 miles, so time wise, not too bad at all.


  1. Beautiful, I love Sheringham. Can you still have dinner on the train?

    1. We didn't get as far as Sheringham but yes, you can still dine on the train from that station.


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