Thursday, 15 May 2014

Thetford Forest

For our walk this week, we drove over to Thetford Forest, the largest remaining pine/mixed forest left in Britain apparently. It is certainly big and straddles parts of Norfolk and Suffolk.

We finally started walking about 10.55am in the area we had chosen, Risbeth Woods, and within a few minutes of the car park, found ourselves surrounded by green:
What we hadn't realised, was that the Forestry Commission were doing work in our particular area of forest and had closed down most of the red route that we wanted to walk in, see the post on the right covered in a bin bag?

They had put up diversion signs but eventually, like you do, we found ourselves in an area with no sings at all. Completely lost we walked in one direction until we could hear the road, then headed towards the sound.

Our anticipated 4.2mile walk, eventually turned into just over 6 miles, including the long, hard walk along the edge of the busy A road, where cars were doing a minimum of 60 mph and some not bothering to move away from us. We were hot, bothered and just a little anxious by the time we found the car park again.

We were parked quite close to the remains of the Thetford Warren Lodge, built circa 1400. It was built to protect game keepers and hunting parties from armed poachers. Later on, it was used by the Warrener and his family, who harvested the rabbit population. It is owned by English Heritage and you can read about it here

It was closed for our visit but we did take a couple of pictures, from one side:
Then through the locked gate, to see the wonderful fireplace that would have been used to keep the family warm upstairs. There was a smaller, no-nonsense one just coming into view downstairs:
We drove off to Great Cressingham to eat at one of our favourite haunts, The Windmill.


  1. The forest looks beautiful. Not a nice experience to become lost and then have to walk along a busy road though :(

  2. It was beautiful, such a bright green and very still. Couldn't hear anything except bird song. I think that was why it took us so long to hear the road to get out!


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