Saturday, 28 June 2014

Never let it be said....

That DB is not worried about showing his love for me in public!

No, this isn't the usual kissing, cuddling, hand holding etc, this was a lovely and kind gesture, not many would offer I think.

We were out on our weekly walk, on a circular route, that takes in Denver Windmill. Before walking, I have to strap the outer two toes on on each foot, as the soft pads underneath, tend to turn on their sides and get walked on, very painful!

We were 3/4 of the way around when the pain in my right foot began to increase and I realised I hadn't made a very good job of strapping the little toe. Luckily, I had thought to take extra plasters as I had a blister on my left heel. When you get such intense squashing pain in your foot, it is very easy to try walking differently, which only has the effect of 'putting out' the hip or back, as I have found out in the past.

No, this needed attending to immediately. Finding a small entrance to a field, we all stopped and I was trying to fathom out how to keep from falling over, trying to get shoe and sock off, re-bandage, re-dress etc, without falling over. Quick as a flash (well as quickly as he can managed nowadays), DB did this, and E. when she had finished laughing took a photograph!
How sweet:) The extra plaster helped a little and within 1/2 an hour, we were back at the windmill, changing shoes which helped even more.

This morning, knowing we were expecting more rain, I brought in a few flowers for the front room. The glass jar was found under the hedge out the back. I suspect the grand-children push them through as there was three of them sitting in a row. I saved this one as it is short and has a nice pattern on it:

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Green phase...

As I was outside photographing the fruit and vegetable for my other blog, I thought I would show the front circle of the flower garden, from a different angle to the usual 'through the window' one!

Quite a lot of flowers bloom as once in this garden, usually Spring through to early Summer. Most of those have now finished and are going into their green growing stage. Here you can see the final few peonies, white roses and geranium amongst other things:
More to the right and again, just a few flowers left. A few orange roses, red Valerian and yellow Centaurea macrocephala:
Remember I mentioned planting up the oil tank and water butt with Clematis, well here they are growing well but not yet in flower:

The alpine bed that we look onto through our LHS kitchen window, is now dying back into its green phase. However, the view from the RHS kitchen window is this:
Finally, a bit of a mystery, the lavender plants out the front have been munched by something. Never seen it happen before but whatever it was, ate through some of the flower buds before they opened. You can just about see the ones I'm talking about, they have dead brown bits to the bottom of the flower:
The internet says it could be Chrysolina americana, more commonly known as the Rosemary beetle which feeds on aromatic leaves such as Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme etc. Can't see any but shall watch out for them!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Skirting around Castle Acre

Our walk this week began in Castle Acre, where we parked and then walked down to the remains of The Castle to begin our walk. It should have been around 4 1/4 miles long but we got lost once, then had to back track down a very wet, high grass and nettle path to get back on route again.

Here are some pictures of what we saw out in the countryside. Firstly half a field of poppies:
We crossed a bridge over a free flowing river. The Mill House was now private property with private fishing:

Backtracking near a field of weeds/flowers:
There were loads of funnel shaped webs of our native Labyrinth Spider, full of dew:
We had squelchy feet by the time we finished and were glad to change shoes and socks. We had a lovely lunch in The Church Gate Tea Room (which is up for sale if anyone fancies a go, comes with a B. & B.)

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Wells next the sea and tennis...

Well, Andy is out and it is not surprising, he is just not playing as fluently as he normally does. It was almost a re-run of the Nadal match in the French Open. Mind you, he has won Queen's 2009, 2011 and 2013 so guess this wasn't going to be a winning year with those facts, and probably for the best. I really can't see him doing well at Wimbledon either but finger's crossed.

Mind you, as I am a great fan of his, once he is out, I don't watch much except maybe for the final. Guess I can get on with other stuff and not have to set the recorder! Tons of weeds to get rid of in the front flower garden!!

We went to Wells next the sea for our walk this week. Forgot to take my camera so DB had to use his phone. I don't know what it is but when I haven't got the camera, I keep forgetting to remind him to take photo's.

Anyway, we parked up the top end of town and walked down the harbour walk towards the beach. Boy was it hot. We strolled along the beach, came back via the woods and walked back to town.

Stopping by at Arthur Howells the butchers, we all got some food. E. 10 pork chops for £5, us the same plus 1.5 kilo of sausages. We had remembered to take a cool bag but could only find one freezer block so had to make do.

Herewith just a few pictures:

We thought we'd drive along to Holkham Hall Cafe to partake of a sausage baguette (they use Howells sausages in them) but horror of horrors, they were closed for renovation. Come on guys, you've had all winter to do it!

Getting pretty hungry by now, we drove to Brancaster Staithe to visit The Jolly Sailors pub for lunch. We all had a pulled pork baguette in B.B.Q. sauce, side salad and crisps, very nice.

Today, DB and myself took ourselves off by train to Ely. We had recently purchased a "Two together" rail-card". Our photo's are on it so no-one else can use it and it gives us 30% off fares. We spent a nice few hours there, shopping, walking around trying to discern walks, ate at the wonderful Peacock's Tea Rooms, then caught the train back.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A little fuzzy

My usual through the front window picture of the front gravel garden will look a little strange from now on. This window is a 'tilt and turn' variety and as such, lets the flies in when open. Each year, it has a fly screen put on and that is what you might be able to detect:
This was taken a couple of days before the current batch of wet weather turned up, things are drooping and a little flatter now!