Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A little fuzzy

My usual through the front window picture of the front gravel garden will look a little strange from now on. This window is a 'tilt and turn' variety and as such, lets the flies in when open. Each year, it has a fly screen put on and that is what you might be able to detect:
This was taken a couple of days before the current batch of wet weather turned up, things are drooping and a little flatter now!


  1. I had to stake up the lupins last week, they were getting a bit bashed with the rain. It looks set to pick up tomorrow and be nice until Saturday and then we are forecast thunder storms!! I had better get the runner beans in pretty sharpish. x

    1. If it keeps raining like this, aprin or not, I don't think my tomatoes will do very well.


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