Saturday, 21 June 2014

Green phase...

As I was outside photographing the fruit and vegetable for my other blog, I thought I would show the front circle of the flower garden, from a different angle to the usual 'through the window' one!

Quite a lot of flowers bloom as once in this garden, usually Spring through to early Summer. Most of those have now finished and are going into their green growing stage. Here you can see the final few peonies, white roses and geranium amongst other things:
More to the right and again, just a few flowers left. A few orange roses, red Valerian and yellow Centaurea macrocephala:
Remember I mentioned planting up the oil tank and water butt with Clematis, well here they are growing well but not yet in flower:

The alpine bed that we look onto through our LHS kitchen window, is now dying back into its green phase. However, the view from the RHS kitchen window is this:
Finally, a bit of a mystery, the lavender plants out the front have been munched by something. Never seen it happen before but whatever it was, ate through some of the flower buds before they opened. You can just about see the ones I'm talking about, they have dead brown bits to the bottom of the flower:
The internet says it could be Chrysolina americana, more commonly known as the Rosemary beetle which feeds on aromatic leaves such as Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme etc. Can't see any but shall watch out for them!


  1. Its still looking pretty. We have just chopped down the red valerian from the side of the house we now have an extra 2 foot of driveway! its getting a bit invasive and we have spotted some plants in our neighbours gardens...oops! Philip intends to spray it once new leaves appear and we will dig it out and replace it with something else......probably pea gravel :-) Enjoy your weekend x

    1. We are digging lots of ours up. Unfortunately it has escaped into the neighbours garden and they don't chop it back, so it seeds itself everywhere again:(


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