Thursday, 19 June 2014

Skirting around Castle Acre

Our walk this week began in Castle Acre, where we parked and then walked down to the remains of The Castle to begin our walk. It should have been around 4 1/4 miles long but we got lost once, then had to back track down a very wet, high grass and nettle path to get back on route again.

Here are some pictures of what we saw out in the countryside. Firstly half a field of poppies:
We crossed a bridge over a free flowing river. The Mill House was now private property with private fishing:

Backtracking near a field of weeds/flowers:
There were loads of funnel shaped webs of our native Labyrinth Spider, full of dew:
We had squelchy feet by the time we finished and were glad to change shoes and socks. We had a lovely lunch in The Church Gate Tea Room (which is up for sale if anyone fancies a go, comes with a B. & B.)


  1. What a striking photograph - the field of poppies is glorious!

    1. It was beautiful, next to a busy road so I took the photograph from a distance for safety.


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