Friday, 4 July 2014

Walking around Helhoughton

This was a repeat of an Autumn/Winter walk we last did when our dear friend B. was still alive. Hard to believe she has been gone now, nearly a year:(

It was hot and sultry and although the hats E. and I. had on kept the sun out of our eyes, they didn't stop our hair from 'steaming'. Boy, did we look like we had been pulled through a hedge backwards when the walk finished.

I only remembered to take out the camera half way around, just as we were about to cross a field of oats. For the change, the farmer had left a nice wide path:
Despite the rain our way, you could see how dry and cracked the mud was:
We gathered some sticks for playing 'poo sticks', over a bridge we were due to cross but unfortunately, it was too heavily infested with weeds. Ah well.

Over the other side, and under a shade of a lovely tree, we stopped to have water. We could just see the tower of Raynham church in the distance:
Into another field of oats turning yellow for harvesting:
We walked for about 1 hour 40 minutes, slower than normal due to the heat I think. Anyway, another 4 miles under our belts.

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