Monday, 16 February 2015

Walking north of Snettisham

We really enjoyed this walk. Thought we would be cold as it was a cool day - 14C and quite a wind was blowing. The sun did come out and eventually, the temperature got to 17C. Herewith some photographs. Beginning the walk down the side of a field of wheat. Just before this was where we found the wild red plum tree!
To the right of us, said field of ripening wheat:
Oat crops ripening, intermingled with several patches of poppies and ox-eye daisies:
As we were coming to the last part of the walk, we came across this wonderful site:
A whole field of Borage and Phacelia combined! Not sure if they were meant to be together but there was more Borage than Phacelia, so maybe the latter was self seeded from a previous year. This field was about 4 times the size you can see, just glorious.

Lots of wild flowers:
Finally, a glimpse of Snettisham church tower over another crop field:
We were parked near the church so not too far to walk at this point. We changed shoes, went to pick the plums, then drove to have lunch.


  1. Looks a lovely walk - and perfect weather! x

  2. True on both counts and the free plums rounded it off nicely.


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