Friday, 29 August 2014

Our front garden

Whilst these photographs never give you the full garden, usually just the circle bed and towards the road, it is now changing into its Autumn  shades - view from the right of the front window:
And from the other side of the window:
I'm hoping the yellows and pinky purples will stay for a few more weeks yet before we need to cut everything back.

I normally have a long window box in front of this window. This year we had annuals in it but they finished too quickly in the intense heat of those few weeks in July/August.

I shall soon empty it out and have decided to have wallflowers in it this year. The few really nice scented daffodils we have, will go into a couple of pots near the front door.

Oh dear, sounds sad doesn't it, already we are nearing the end of the flowering season. I don't have a Winter garden as such but once the Spring arrives, it bursts into colours of yellow and white.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Circular Walk from Brancaster Staithe to Burnham Deepdale and back!

Today was a lovely day for walking. A warm late summer day, slightly tempered by an occasional cool breeze.

We parked by Brancaster Staithe sailing club and set off:
In the storm surge of last December, the sailing club was under several feet of sea water.
Further along we came to an inlet with fishing boats, where a fisherman was hosing down his oyster catch of the day. We went wrong here and ended up on the marshes where our supposed path petered out. On our return, we saw the walking sign between the sheds.
Skirting along the edge of the marshes.
Out into the country we walked near the edge of a wood and saw this toad start to cross the road. Although not a busy road, we were frightened of it getting run over by the cars. On trying to hurry it up, it stood its ground and puffed up (after this picture was taken). We left it and it got off the road just in time for several cars to drive over the spot it had been in!
Coming out of the countryside down the hill back into the village.
We walked across a field where a Roman Fort had once been, no sign of it at all. All of these marshes were not here in Roman times, the sea being right up to the fields.

The walk was 4.4 miles long and took us just under 1.5 hours to complete. We drove off to the White Horse Pub for lunch where E. and I had Prawn sandwiches, DB Bacon and Brie!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Beachamwell Three Churches

Our walk this week, took us on one of the circular walks around the lovely village of Beachamwell, see here.

We parked outside the village hall as you are not allowed to park on their village green. Just across the road, was the lovely church of St. Mary, the last surviving one of three:
E. is now back off her holidays:
Once out in the open countryside, we came across one of the derelict churches:
The final leg of the walk took us through an asparagus field, which is in full fern, feeding its roots:

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Ramsey 1940's Weekend Part II

This event took place on land adjacent to The Ramsey Rural Museum. There is loads to see at the museum although personally, I would recommend waiting until a special day, such as The Ploughing Day later in September, when other things will be going on.

The most exciting thing that caught our eyes, was the Darlow Farm Fen Cottage. You can find out more about it here by clicking on the button on the left that says Fen Cottage. Herewith some photographs, firstly in the kitchen:

Then the scullery:
Bathroom, apparently the family used the tin bath but the land girl used the bath but only once!
Child's bedroom
Living Room
Parents bedroom
It was just lovely to walk around. Might have been better if they could have arranged for re-enactors to be in there, but you can't have everything I guess.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Ramsey 1940's Weekend - Photo Heavy!

We have just returned after spending the day at the above event. It was very windy but warm for the most part, except first thing, when it was cooler and kept trying to rain. We took our own pack up of egg sandwiches, coffee and biscuits, plus water for drinking as we walked around. Herewith some photographs. This first one is a later era, a repainted green goddess and caravan with DB having a good read:

A reproduction of a cafe near one of the bridges at Arnhein

You can just about see Private Jones (in the scarf) and Captain Mainwaring on the left!
We found this Home Guard bit fascinating. The garden fence, dilapidated gate, and wall remains added to the feeling of reality .
A German Camp
Ladies getting ready to give a wartime cookery demonstration.
The kind of outdoor loo I remember from my childhood when visiting grandparents! The old lady was obviously constipated, she had been there so long she was covered in cobwebs:)
I'll show you some more another day, don't want to bore you to tears.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Different part of The Marriott Way

When you park in the station car park at Reepham, you can either turn left down the old track or right. This time we choose right and followed it for quite a way before turning right off it, walking along farm tracks and old meadows to the villages of Cawstone and Booton. Herewith some photographs:
Just DB and I as E. is away for the next 2 weeks. You can see we are fully geared up for the alleged bad weather. Other than some misty drizzle, nothing! In the end we took it all off as it was hot and humid.

Along the way, you come across 1 mile markers created by blacksmiths:
On the right of most of them, there are nice reverse plates that you can rub with paper and crayon (if you have taken any!):
This was the lovely village sign at Cawston:
It looks like weaving once played a large part in their history. The only problem getting to it, it was surrounded by paving slabs that were as slippery as ice!

We met a couple of horse riders along the way:
The village of Booton has an amazing church, see here

All in all, it was around 5 miles which took us 1 3/4 hours. We always start off at a very quick pace but the end was uphill which slowed us down. We were very hot when we finished and enjoyed a lovely meal in the station cafe.