Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Circular Walk from Brancaster Staithe to Burnham Deepdale and back!

Today was a lovely day for walking. A warm late summer day, slightly tempered by an occasional cool breeze.

We parked by Brancaster Staithe sailing club and set off:
In the storm surge of last December, the sailing club was under several feet of sea water.
Further along we came to an inlet with fishing boats, where a fisherman was hosing down his oyster catch of the day. We went wrong here and ended up on the marshes where our supposed path petered out. On our return, we saw the walking sign between the sheds.
Skirting along the edge of the marshes.
Out into the country we walked near the edge of a wood and saw this toad start to cross the road. Although not a busy road, we were frightened of it getting run over by the cars. On trying to hurry it up, it stood its ground and puffed up (after this picture was taken). We left it and it got off the road just in time for several cars to drive over the spot it had been in!
Coming out of the countryside down the hill back into the village.
We walked across a field where a Roman Fort had once been, no sign of it at all. All of these marshes were not here in Roman times, the sea being right up to the fields.

The walk was 4.4 miles long and took us just under 1.5 hours to complete. We drove off to the White Horse Pub for lunch where E. and I had Prawn sandwiches, DB Bacon and Brie!


  1. I love the lunches at the White Horse and the way they change the sandwiches with the seasons. It is a great walk and one which I hope we will be taking when we are down there in a couple of weeks time - hope summer returns by then.

  2. There are several walks which is good. Yes the sandwiches are good value and lovely. Enjoy your stay.


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