Friday, 8 August 2014

Different part of The Marriott Way

When you park in the station car park at Reepham, you can either turn left down the old track or right. This time we choose right and followed it for quite a way before turning right off it, walking along farm tracks and old meadows to the villages of Cawstone and Booton. Herewith some photographs:
Just DB and I as E. is away for the next 2 weeks. You can see we are fully geared up for the alleged bad weather. Other than some misty drizzle, nothing! In the end we took it all off as it was hot and humid.

Along the way, you come across 1 mile markers created by blacksmiths:
On the right of most of them, there are nice reverse plates that you can rub with paper and crayon (if you have taken any!):
This was the lovely village sign at Cawston:
It looks like weaving once played a large part in their history. The only problem getting to it, it was surrounded by paving slabs that were as slippery as ice!

We met a couple of horse riders along the way:
The village of Booton has an amazing church, see here

All in all, it was around 5 miles which took us 1 3/4 hours. We always start off at a very quick pace but the end was uphill which slowed us down. We were very hot when we finished and enjoyed a lovely meal in the station cafe.

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