Friday, 29 August 2014

Our front garden

Whilst these photographs never give you the full garden, usually just the circle bed and towards the road, it is now changing into its Autumn  shades - view from the right of the front window:
And from the other side of the window:
I'm hoping the yellows and pinky purples will stay for a few more weeks yet before we need to cut everything back.

I normally have a long window box in front of this window. This year we had annuals in it but they finished too quickly in the intense heat of those few weeks in July/August.

I shall soon empty it out and have decided to have wallflowers in it this year. The few really nice scented daffodils we have, will go into a couple of pots near the front door.

Oh dear, sounds sad doesn't it, already we are nearing the end of the flowering season. I don't have a Winter garden as such but once the Spring arrives, it bursts into colours of yellow and white.

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