Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Ramsey 1940's Weekend Part II

This event took place on land adjacent to The Ramsey Rural Museum. There is loads to see at the museum although personally, I would recommend waiting until a special day, such as The Ploughing Day later in September, when other things will be going on.

The most exciting thing that caught our eyes, was the Darlow Farm Fen Cottage. You can find out more about it here by clicking on the button on the left that says Fen Cottage. Herewith some photographs, firstly in the kitchen:

Then the scullery:
Bathroom, apparently the family used the tin bath but the land girl used the bath but only once!
Child's bedroom
Living Room
Parents bedroom
It was just lovely to walk around. Might have been better if they could have arranged for re-enactors to be in there, but you can't have everything I guess.


  1. Lovely photos, everything looks so homely and cosy. It would have been nice for the re enactors to be in there and bring everything to life, perhaps if they had more volunteers they could do it on a regular basis, how are you fixed, with all your personal experience you would be perfect :-)

  2. Bit too far away for us and we don't do camping. Also don't think they would be over happy with their things too much.


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