Sunday, 17 August 2014

Ramsey 1940's Weekend - Photo Heavy!

We have just returned after spending the day at the above event. It was very windy but warm for the most part, except first thing, when it was cooler and kept trying to rain. We took our own pack up of egg sandwiches, coffee and biscuits, plus water for drinking as we walked around. Herewith some photographs. This first one is a later era, a repainted green goddess and caravan with DB having a good read:

A reproduction of a cafe near one of the bridges at Arnhein

You can just about see Private Jones (in the scarf) and Captain Mainwaring on the left!
We found this Home Guard bit fascinating. The garden fence, dilapidated gate, and wall remains added to the feeling of reality .
A German Camp
Ladies getting ready to give a wartime cookery demonstration.
The kind of outdoor loo I remember from my childhood when visiting grandparents! The old lady was obviously constipated, she had been there so long she was covered in cobwebs:)
I'll show you some more another day, don't want to bore you to tears.


  1. What a wonderful day out, just my kind of day. Our next door neighbour had one one of those pink vans, his was dark blue, they went camping in it! Our back kitchen at home had a stove just the same as the one above, both were over 50 years ago!! I think that lady needs some Syrup of Figs lol.

  2. My sister had a really old electric clicker when she first married in 1970!

  3. Yes - my grandma had a two seater outside privvy. Friendly!

    1. I think my grad dad dug it into a pit in the garden and then after a year it was apparently safe to put on the vegetable garden. He called it black gold!

  4. That looks like a really good day out. My great aunt had one of those cookers with legs until not long before she died in the mid 1990s!

  5. It was. I suppose regarding the old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies to the cooker.


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