Friday, 31 October 2014

Around Bircham

This week we parked at Bircham Community Centre and set off on what should have been a 4 mile walk. Deep in conversation, we missed our second turning and didn't realise for a while. Once spotted, we back-tracked and carried on.

We were unsure where to eat later on, but the Bircham Windmill was already shut, so it was ruled out! Must admit, being the school holidays, we thought it might still be open.

Carrying on, we came out near this big pond, where a duck was making a huge amount of noise, almost none stop - can you spot it, just near the white lines:
Here are DB and E. taking a look:
We turned right here and carried on. After a while we realised we hadn't come out where we should have. We needed to come out of a field, across the road and carried on, our turning was nowhere to be seen. Quite a bit of map consulting ensued before we pick up the trail again.

Eventually we came back to the car, changed and drove to our eating place, The King William at Sedgeford. A sandwich lunch here is very good value as you get a metal pot of chips as part of the price. Everywhere else, seems to sell them separately!

We all chose toasted sandwiches, DB had chicken, pesto and mozzarella, E. had cheese and onion and I chose smoked bacon, brie and tomato. Each plate came with the pot of chips and a nice amount of side salad, the price varying from £5.50 to £6.99.

E. and I swapped one half of our sandwiches as we wanted to taste each others, ready for another visit sometime.

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