Friday, 24 October 2014

West Acre to Narford

Our walk this week comes from a pamphlet entitled "Footsteps through time, Walks in the Nar Valley". We did walk 3 originally 5 miles but we didn't walk up to St. Mary's Church behind Narford Hall, which cut out 1 mile.

It was slightly nippy when we started but soon warmed up. For a change, I was suitably dressed, a little cool to begin with but just right by the time we finished.

Herewith some photographs - view from the top of a slope, looking down on West Acre log place:
 E. and DB (he was double checking his map as this was the walk we got lost on last time)
We managed to do two lots of 'poo sticks' along small rivers. This one is as you enter West Acre from Narford:
The old Methodist Chapel converted into studios and where you go to the outside theatre:
New to us was this building to its side:
E. needed something for her garden so we popped into West Acre Garden Nursery where this chap was standing guard on the pasture to the rear of the hall:
 And a close up:
It took us just over an hour. We went to have lunch at the lovely Tea Room next to the Church in Castle Acre where this leaflet can be picked up. They will close November 16th and re-open late January early February. DB had sausage, bacon and egg pie, E. gammon sandwich and I had a prawn sandwich. All washed down with strong Builders tea for us and everyday tea for E, in tea pots and with strainers. Lovely jubbley!

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