Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hunstanton to Ringstead Downs and back

Our walk this week, took in part of this map

We missed out the part along the coast staying inland for all the walk. It took us 2 1/4 hours and was 5.5 miles, which with my sore feet from our visit to Norwich on Monday, could have been a little shorter!

Herewith a few photographs. This first one is the ruins of an church, taken whilst hiding under a tree from the first of two torrential downpours:
We had inadvisedly talked each other out of taking our waterproof trousers!

Second downpour and another tree:
I eventually joined them as their tree had a little more foliage than mine:)

Walking through a farmyard, we came across this old pram, still there from another walk:
Eventually we reached Ringstead Downs - see, not all of Norfolk is flat!
When we last did this walk it was late Spring and the whole place was filled with beautiful flowers.

By now my feet were really starting to hurt and we still had around 1.5 miles to go. When we visited Norwich to get a little more wedding shopping done, I had stupidly worn boots which I thought had been fully bedded in (they are narrower than I usually wear).

5 miles around Norwich and I was starting to limp. We had lunch at the Refectory in Norwich Cathedral which we both would have liked to walk around but couldn't:(

Anyhow, we did find the grave of Edith Cavell nearby:
It has just been awarded a grant to give her a new resting place although quite frankly, this one looks fine.

So there you have it, 10 miles in 3 days, too much for my poor old feet which have sore pads, sore little toes and nice blisters at the bottom of each big toe!

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