Friday, 7 November 2014

Walking around Colkirk

We have done this walk before so not so many photographs as usual. It was quite a cold start but we all got too warm and had to remove coats as we went along.

We bimbled down country lanes:
Poor DB was carrying a summer pair of walking boots for me as I was using my new walking boots for the first time on our walk after bedding them in!

We strode across country fields in the now warming sunshine:
Looked up to see an aircraft slowly meandering above us:
We could hear but not see, loads of pink footed geese - we recognise their call now. Getting back to near the car, we came across their lovely village hall:
Eventually we finished, 4 miles in about 1 hour 40 minutes. E. has had an injection in her right hip so we weren't quite as quick as normal.

After changing we drove to the local pub only to find it closed, say what! Ah well, we needed to pay our deposit for our Christmas meal so did so then had a light lunch at Sculthorpe Mill. DB had ham and piccalilli, E. and I had prawn and crab. Each came with a spoonful of salad and some home made vegetable crisps. All for £4.95 - the cheapest yet!

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