Saturday, 29 November 2014

Walking in the rain around Southery

Heavy rain greeted us on the morning of our walk but by the time we had driven to Southery, had coffee and biscuits it was down to a heavy drizzle. We were parked under the trees at the church rather than the pub car park as written on the map, aiming to do the walk in turquoise map

We got a little lost and ended up walking further along the Ten Foot Drain than intended. The walk should have been a sort of squared off figure of eight, with a larger and a smaller bit. Our large bit was bigger than intended so we missed out the smaller bit (if that makes sense).

Anyhow, we did just under 4 miles which in the wet and with mud clinging to the bottom of our boots from trudging along and across fields, it was quite enough.

Herewith a few pictures though not a lot to see due to the drizzle:

Water was pouring from the land drains into the ditches:
As we came back into Southery, we saw these remains of St. Mary's Church, such a shame to see the graveyard in this state:

The pub was open but E. wanted to go somewhere else for lunch as she was on the hunt for a particular present for her DiL. We ended up at Denver Mill where M. and E. had a large Cornish pasty, salad and chips. I had an English Breakfast with bubble and squeak (tasteless unfortunately).

They gave me 2 huge slices of bread as well which I couldn't eat so they and their butter, were brought home to have as our toast snack later in the evening.

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