Saturday, 22 November 2014

Whissonsett to Godwick and back again

Our walk this week was a repeat of one we last did with B. E. hadn't been with us as she had broken her leg whilst on holiday!

We parked at Whissonsett Village Hall, had our coffee and chocolate biscuits and set off. It was a lovely day, cool but not too cool, with the sun popping out eventually after about 15 minutes from starting.

As you leave the village, you come across this memorial to a local lad, Ben, who died in Afghanistan on Christmas Eve:

Eventually you turn left and down a farm track to Godwick turkey farm, where they breed Norfolk Black turkey both free range and indoor reared:
After chatting to them for a little while (like you do), we turned right and crossed the meadows to reach the deserted village . Here is another memorial to Ben, so sad:
Surviving church tower/folly (hard to guess which from the description here
You have to walk through the farmyard to follow the track. Normally it was deserted but this time it was full of men so thought we had better ask if it was okay to carry on. We were asked whether we had walked in Yorkshire recently (avian flu) and when we said no, were okay to carry on:
The farmer who owns these couple of fields had kindly sprayed a yellow brick road for us to follow:
Eventually we returned, changed out of our very sticky muddy boots and went to The Mulberry Farm Shop at Stansfield for lunch. We all settled on a quiche and salad, it was a starter and was huge as it was accompanied by coleslaw and potato salad, plus we had order a shared bowl of chips which was the largest we had ever had for just £1.50.

All in all, a very good day.

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