Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Day Swim

Hunstanton, like many other places, celebrates Christmas with a swim. Whilst many people taking part hope to just go for a paddle, they hold a banner up and you are not allowed out until you have swum underneath it!

Herewith a few before and after pictures p Father Christmas in his little car:
 The tide was only out about 10' when we arrived (an hour early) but was quite choppy
DB wanting to take photographs only to find the battery was flat!
 A couple of chaps were hovering overhead in these
I think only 50 registered swimmers are allowed - I had to hold the camera above my head to try and get these photographs!

On the way back in:
This reindeer lucked like he had ducked beneath the banner, can't say I blame him, it was 5C on land with a stiff wind!
Some lady soldiers amongst Tetris blocks:
This is the banner they have to swim/duck under. This chap was taking dogs out to be photographed (don't worry, they didn't go in as all the dogs were a little elderly, but their tales were wagging once back on dry land)
Everyone rushed off to get changed and we walked back along the Prom before walking inland back to the car. We went through a playground, anyone remember these rides? We used to call it The Dragon:
We got back home around 2 hours after leaving - lovely:)

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Walking around Hindringham

We parked at the lovely village hall, in their rather large car park. A chap was busy cutting down ivy and putting it into bags (for decorations rather than disposing of we reckoned). We had our usual coffee and biscuits and watched a lorry back up into the farm behind where we were standing, ready to be filled with sugar beet:
Despite being well wrapped up in the appropriate clothing we were freezing and our coffee went cold very quickly. Setting off at a quick pace to try and warm up, we walked out the village and came to this rather muddy track, up which we had to go for about a mile:
Turning off we crossed walked around fields, down lanes and eventually got rather warm and had to remove hats, gloves etc. On our way back into Hindringham, the wind was full force into our faces and whilst walking down a particular small road, we could not hear cars behind us until the last minute. Most drivers were fine, slowing down until we heard them (didn't even beep their horns which was nice) but one particular old chap, must have thought he owned the road and visibly shook his head at us in a despairing kind of way.

I considered giving him a piece of my mind and to explain but he drove off once he drew level with us, still shaking his head. We came back into the village past the rather lovely little church:
It could, with the addition of daffodils, almost have been a Spring day don't you think? Anyway, the walk took us 1.5 hours and we walked 4.5 miles. A good if cold walk. We had to drive to the cafe at The Walsingham Shrine for lunch, the nearest place. I had 3 rashers of bacon, an egg and chips, E and DB had sausage and chips and we all had latte coffee. Very nice and not at all expensive compared to some places we go and all food it cooked to order (except I imagine jacket potatoes) otherwise you would have a long wait!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Heacham Dam - a circular kind of walk!

We parked the car at the south beach, intending to go onto the beach initially. Then we saw just behind where we had parked, a grass bank with a walks post nearby and changed our minds.

Herewith some pictures. We were well wrapped up to begin with:
Then the clouds started to disappear and the sun came out:
Getting brighter and warmer:
The sea was out but this was the view of some inland lakes/streams standing on top of the dam:
Heading back to the car now, we walked through a near deserted caravan park. Many of the homes were built either onto or into old boats - most enterprising.
We walked around 4 miles in an hour and a half (quite a bit of climbing up and down), changed and drove off to have lunch at The Feathers in Dersingham. Very nice and not very expensive. We were certainly full.

E. had brought some mince pies for us all to enjoy with a cup of tea at our house with T.