Friday, 16 January 2015

Lynford Stag

We have done this walk before and each time, got a little lost due to some of the trail markers being broken.

However it is always a pleasant walk except perhaps in the worst of weathers when it can be very muddy due to the wheel marks left by the working and maintenance teams.

It was very cold and very windy so it took us a while to don our weatherproof clothing. The usually coffee, Tia Maria and biscuits were had and off we went:
DB and E.
A little lost but still able to fathom out where we were!
Approaching the lake which last time we visited was almost empty. Instead of going straight on here we detoured left, past some swans and their signets.

A choice of two left turns and although we followed the one we should have, got slightly lost again!
Despite the windy conditions, we got quite warm in the woods themselves and ended up opening and closing coats, removing and putting back on hats and gloves. In the end, we walked for about 1.5 hours and 4 miles or so, allowing for getting back on track.

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