Friday, 27 February 2015

Coxford & Broomsthorpe

We had to park on the side of the road in front of houses to begin this walk. We headed towards Manor Farm then turned right. A whole bank of Snowdrops awaited us:
 Sunny day but bitingly cold wind:
The local church, simple and sweet:
Down a lovely grassy lane:
Beautiful countryside, we were warming up now:
In the distance we could see the remains of St. Mary's Augustinian Priory, whose stones had been robbed after the dissolution by the Townshend family to build their new house:
Eventually we got back to the car, boots covered in mud. We had only walked around 4 miles and taken 1.30 hours to do so but E., was still recovering from Norovirus and us from the weekend of the wedding. That's our excuses anyway and we are sticking to them.

For lunch, we drove to Sculthorpe Mill for sandwiches and a drink.

Monday, 16 February 2015


Where walks have been done as a post (rather than the Walks I and Walks II pages), I have decided to divide them into Countryside, Seaside and Woodland walks, using the appropriate label. That way, should you fancy reading about or taking part in a particular genre of walk, it is easier to find them.

We parked the car in a long lay by in front of some houses, had coffee and set off. Turning down Marsh Lane, we walked down the road and out into the countryside. Catkins just starting to unfurl:
A tree across the river, partially blocking it:
Defunct water wheel from the old bone grinding factory:
Remains of a crossing:

A mini weir at the base of the wheel:

Finally, walking down the edge of the River Nar and coming back into Narborough, we saw these tepee's in a field, belonging to Narborough Hall for glamping I believe:
I am too old to glamp now, prefer my comforts!

Walking north of Snettisham

We really enjoyed this walk. Thought we would be cold as it was a cool day - 14C and quite a wind was blowing. The sun did come out and eventually, the temperature got to 17C. Herewith some photographs. Beginning the walk down the side of a field of wheat. Just before this was where we found the wild red plum tree!
To the right of us, said field of ripening wheat:
Oat crops ripening, intermingled with several patches of poppies and ox-eye daisies:
As we were coming to the last part of the walk, we came across this wonderful site:
A whole field of Borage and Phacelia combined! Not sure if they were meant to be together but there was more Borage than Phacelia, so maybe the latter was self seeded from a previous year. This field was about 4 times the size you can see, just glorious.

Lots of wild flowers:
Finally, a glimpse of Snettisham church tower over another crop field:
We were parked near the church so not too far to walk at this point. We changed shoes, went to pick the plums, then drove to have lunch.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Around Oxborough (not Oxburgh Hall)

I donned full walking gear for this walk as the snow had melted, it had rained the night before, and everywhere was full of puddles and slippery mud. As it happened, we were on roads for the most part but still got my walking trouser bottoms muddy.

DB and E without their leggings on, luckily, despite the very cold wind and grey clouds, it didn't rain or snow until after we finished:
Walking back up a road from Caldecote Farm, opposite the remains of St. Mary's Church which we couldn't find:
Pigs having lunch:
Snowdrops near a bridge (poo-sticks were done) coming into Gooderstone:
Statue of some chap stood in the grounds of Bedingfield Arms, no name on it but many guesses by visitors suggest some pop star or the other from the 60's:
We turned right here to get back to where we had parked, St. John's Oxborough I believe:
We walked for 1 hour and 45 minutes and 4.5 miles. We were glad to changed clothes and shoes and go for lunch at The Carpenter's Arms at East Winch on the A47, lovely food but such slow service unfortunately.