Monday, 16 February 2015


Where walks have been done as a post (rather than the Walks I and Walks II pages), I have decided to divide them into Countryside, Seaside and Woodland walks, using the appropriate label. That way, should you fancy reading about or taking part in a particular genre of walk, it is easier to find them.

We parked the car in a long lay by in front of some houses, had coffee and set off. Turning down Marsh Lane, we walked down the road and out into the countryside. Catkins just starting to unfurl:
A tree across the river, partially blocking it:
Defunct water wheel from the old bone grinding factory:
Remains of a crossing:

A mini weir at the base of the wheel:

Finally, walking down the edge of the River Nar and coming back into Narborough, we saw these tepee's in a field, belonging to Narborough Hall for glamping I believe:
I am too old to glamp now, prefer my comforts!

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