Sunday, 29 March 2015

Shouldham Warren

Our walk this week was at Shouldham Warren:
It was another cold day. I love these tracks which seem to have been left by a single felled tree being dragged through the soil - not sure what else could have left them:
DB, map in hand, and E striding out:
Halfway around, the clouds were beginning to part and enough sunshine came through to warm us up:
The picture above is a slow, gentle rise from Black Drain. Instead of carrying on, as in the picture below, we turned right to find and follow the river and another drain back to the car park.
One of our shorter walks, just 3.5 miles and around 1 hour in duration. Shouldham Warren is a lovely place to walk and although this walk has a defined area to walk in, there are many, many trails to take.

We drove to The Foldgate Arms for a light lunch.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Our walk last week was mainly along the river out and about in Hilgay. It was once again, a very cold and blustery start but we warmed up as we went along. Someone had built this, a den or maybe a hide?:
DB and E striding out, you can see how misty it was:
A nice strip of Larch trees I think:
Although I couldn't photograph it quickly enough, I saw a streak of rust and turquoise fly by and saw my first live Kingfisher plus numerous Herons:
We walked through a little spinney where some trees are already unfurling their leaves. It is nice to now see hedgerow blossom plus a gentle green haze to herald Spring:
We had planned on going to a Garden Centre for lunch but it was pensioner special and crowded. No we thought, we'll go along to Denver Mill - no permanently shut, very sad. As we were driving out we saw a coffee sign outside Denver Golf Club. We weren't sure whether we could go in but as we parked it said "Open to the public". It was in effect a giant shed but served good honest grub at a very good price.

DB and E had 2 slices of thick proper ham, 2 eggs and chips for £4.95. I had a full English Breakfast for the same price. The latte coffee was also lovely. If you are ever in that area, go in and try them. Everyone, including the golfers were friendly. If you just want a snack, they do soup, or beans on toast etc. We shall certainly go again.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Itteringham and Wolverton

This walk should have been Mannington Hall and Wolterton but as that was 6.5 miles, we cut it down to what we thought was 4.5 miles. However, our aching feet told us differently and it turned out we had walked 5.25 miles!

We parked the car at Itteringham Village Hall, had our drinks and biscuits then set off. We came out the parking area and turned left:
Wonderful old AA sign on the side of a house:

We walked up the road until we turned right at this sign post:
At the end of this road, we turned left for a short while, still heading towards Wolterton:
As we drew level with Park Farm below, our road turned right and we walked down Wall Road, which appropriately had work men repairing the wall:
When we came to the Saracen's Head, we stopped to read their lunch time menu but decided it was a little too much for us. Opposite the pub was the road we needed to go down. We came across several bunches of primroses:
Walking through Abbot's Grove, we eventually reached a narrow lane and turned right. When we got to a fork at the end, we again turned right. Walking up a gravel track to White House Farm, we passed a large group of ramblers coming towards us. In a barn on the farm, was this unusual wooden sculpture:
We carried on, along several hedges, through The Rookery and back into Itteringham. It was just a few minutes more back to the Village Hall car park and their lovely church:
Coming into the village to begin the walk we had passed The Walpole Arms so decided to give them a try. Finding they didn't offer sandwiches, we left and settled for a light lunch of sandwiches and cold drinks at The Village Shop. The prices were just right and although only a tiny space is allocated as a cafe, the volunteers who run it, offer a very warm reception.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Around Blickling

We have walked around this area more than once but always in a slightly different direction. Herewith some photographs. We headed out the back of the car park and turned left where we saw this delightful thatched cottage:
At this tree bendc, near said thatched cottage, we turned right:
Following just one of many paths, we saw this strange tower (which I think can be rented as a holiday home):
Further out and we came across this old mill house:
With water coursing under its bridge:
A bit further down the road, two pairs of abandoned wellingtons:
By the time we got back and went to the restaurant for lunch, the sky was getting blue but still with a bitingly cold wind:
Our walk was around 4 miles and took 1 hour and 20 minutes.