Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Our walk last week was mainly along the river out and about in Hilgay. It was once again, a very cold and blustery start but we warmed up as we went along. Someone had built this, a den or maybe a hide?:
DB and E striding out, you can see how misty it was:
A nice strip of Larch trees I think:
Although I couldn't photograph it quickly enough, I saw a streak of rust and turquoise fly by and saw my first live Kingfisher plus numerous Herons:
We walked through a little spinney where some trees are already unfurling their leaves. It is nice to now see hedgerow blossom plus a gentle green haze to herald Spring:
We had planned on going to a Garden Centre for lunch but it was pensioner special and crowded. No we thought, we'll go along to Denver Mill - no permanently shut, very sad. As we were driving out we saw a coffee sign outside Denver Golf Club. We weren't sure whether we could go in but as we parked it said "Open to the public". It was in effect a giant shed but served good honest grub at a very good price.

DB and E had 2 slices of thick proper ham, 2 eggs and chips for £4.95. I had a full English Breakfast for the same price. The latte coffee was also lovely. If you are ever in that area, go in and try them. Everyone, including the golfers were friendly. If you just want a snack, they do soup, or beans on toast etc. We shall certainly go again.

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