Saturday, 14 March 2015

Itteringham and Wolverton

This walk should have been Mannington Hall and Wolterton but as that was 6.5 miles, we cut it down to what we thought was 4.5 miles. However, our aching feet told us differently and it turned out we had walked 5.25 miles!

We parked the car at Itteringham Village Hall, had our drinks and biscuits then set off. We came out the parking area and turned left:
Wonderful old AA sign on the side of a house:

We walked up the road until we turned right at this sign post:
At the end of this road, we turned left for a short while, still heading towards Wolterton:
As we drew level with Park Farm below, our road turned right and we walked down Wall Road, which appropriately had work men repairing the wall:
When we came to the Saracen's Head, we stopped to read their lunch time menu but decided it was a little too much for us. Opposite the pub was the road we needed to go down. We came across several bunches of primroses:
Walking through Abbot's Grove, we eventually reached a narrow lane and turned right. When we got to a fork at the end, we again turned right. Walking up a gravel track to White House Farm, we passed a large group of ramblers coming towards us. In a barn on the farm, was this unusual wooden sculpture:
We carried on, along several hedges, through The Rookery and back into Itteringham. It was just a few minutes more back to the Village Hall car park and their lovely church:
Coming into the village to begin the walk we had passed The Walpole Arms so decided to give them a try. Finding they didn't offer sandwiches, we left and settled for a light lunch of sandwiches and cold drinks at The Village Shop. The prices were just right and although only a tiny space is allocated as a cafe, the volunteers who run it, offer a very warm reception.

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