Sunday, 29 March 2015

Shouldham Warren

Our walk this week was at Shouldham Warren:
It was another cold day. I love these tracks which seem to have been left by a single felled tree being dragged through the soil - not sure what else could have left them:
DB, map in hand, and E striding out:
Halfway around, the clouds were beginning to part and enough sunshine came through to warm us up:
The picture above is a slow, gentle rise from Black Drain. Instead of carrying on, as in the picture below, we turned right to find and follow the river and another drain back to the car park.
One of our shorter walks, just 3.5 miles and around 1 hour in duration. Shouldham Warren is a lovely place to walk and although this walk has a defined area to walk in, there are many, many trails to take.

We drove to The Foldgate Arms for a light lunch.


  1. Looks a lovely place to go for a walk.. :o)

    1. It was nice and peaceful, only saw one person at the start.


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