Saturday, 25 April 2015

Old Hunstanton

Our walk this week was taken here. E and her husband A, had been grand puppy sitting for 2 days. Her husband wanted to get out fishing and E wasn't sure how far she would be able to walk. Due to A. fishing, we had the lovely Bonny with us:
Yes, the sky really was this blue, helping to also make the sea blue rather than its normal grey:
Come on, throw the ball into the sea again:

Hardly anyone around:
We had a lovely lunch in The Beach Cafe, came home, sat outside for tea and biscuits and got burnt:(
The temperature was 21C!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Santon Downham

This has three walks to chose from and it can be found here on page 20 if that takes you to walks 8, 9 and 10 Santon Downham.

We have done this walk before and it is quite lovely, taking in woods and rivers. Last time, E. wasn't with us see here

Not so much greenery around this time of year but still a good walk. We missed a left hand turn along one of the trails and by the time we got back, had worked about .75 of a mile. We didn't follow this walk exactly after that otherwise it would have been 6 or more miles. E. has bursitis in her hips and unfortunately, I had started to form blisters just under each heel due to an ill fitting inner shoe liner! Herewith a few extra photographs to go with those from last July:

A fantastic stump:
 Make sure you park in the car park at the Forestry Commission (public car park) as there is a very small shop there which sells a few sweets, drinks and ice cream!

We think we ended up doing 4 miles in an hour and a quarter. Could not have taken another step as my blisters were now 3/4" wide and swelling up:(

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Swanton Morley (Carrick Estate)

The map and instructions for this walk can be found here

This walk is just under 4 miles but was lovely and we thought we might return in the summer to see if it looks any different. We couldn't find the start point then realised we needed to find Hunter's Hall, drive down its lovely long drive and turn left into a gravel car park. We had to drive around for nearly 10 minutes. This meant that driving to and finding where to park the car, almost took as long as the walk itself!

Anyway, herewith some photographs:
 DB and E walking up the long driveway from Park Farm where the great barn hosts wedding receptions and similar events:
Once you get to the River Wensum, turn right and keep going until you get to a pumping station:
Just managed to see Bylaugh Hall  - above:
 St. Mary Church Bylaugh - completely rebuilt in 1809 but looks so old!
We thought the tanks near here were the pumping station but it was a small sewage works. The clean water being pumped back into the river:
Here is the pumping station where you turn right behind it then hug the field boundary on your way back to the car park. We had to cross a couple of fields of cows and their calves so opted instead to hug the field boundaries. Cows and calves can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes so we never walk through them!

All in all, a lovely walk and we headed back to Gressenhall Farm and Museum for lunch, where I had once again, their delicious quiche.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hoe via Hoe Rough

This walk took about 1hr and 15 minutes and was 3.5 miles long. We had T. with us again and her back was aching by the end of it but was glad she came. Herewith the photographs:
Quite a bit of land was heath and common

A lovely little brook running near a house though it might not be so lovely if it floods!
Loads of railway carriages stored by the Mid Norfolk Railway Line, awaiting preservation.
Underneath in the growth below, is a WWII pill box - can you spot it?
Past fields of pigs, grown up ones only here
When we first moved into Norfolk, you never saw any pigs outside now we have fields and fields of them, they can be so funny to watch, especially the piglets.

The map for this walk can be downloaded from here