Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hoe via Hoe Rough

This walk took about 1hr and 15 minutes and was 3.5 miles long. We had T. with us again and her back was aching by the end of it but was glad she came. Herewith the photographs:
Quite a bit of land was heath and common

A lovely little brook running near a house though it might not be so lovely if it floods!
Loads of railway carriages stored by the Mid Norfolk Railway Line, awaiting preservation.
Underneath in the growth below, is a WWII pill box - can you spot it?
Past fields of pigs, grown up ones only here
When we first moved into Norfolk, you never saw any pigs outside now we have fields and fields of them, they can be so funny to watch, especially the piglets.

The map for this walk can be downloaded from here

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