Saturday, 18 April 2015

Santon Downham

This has three walks to chose from and it can be found here on page 20 if that takes you to walks 8, 9 and 10 Santon Downham.

We have done this walk before and it is quite lovely, taking in woods and rivers. Last time, E. wasn't with us see here

Not so much greenery around this time of year but still a good walk. We missed a left hand turn along one of the trails and by the time we got back, had worked about .75 of a mile. We didn't follow this walk exactly after that otherwise it would have been 6 or more miles. E. has bursitis in her hips and unfortunately, I had started to form blisters just under each heel due to an ill fitting inner shoe liner! Herewith a few extra photographs to go with those from last July:

A fantastic stump:
 Make sure you park in the car park at the Forestry Commission (public car park) as there is a very small shop there which sells a few sweets, drinks and ice cream!

We think we ended up doing 4 miles in an hour and a quarter. Could not have taken another step as my blisters were now 3/4" wide and swelling up:(


  1. I love looking at your blog. My entire family has been in Canada for some time now, but were originally from Downham.

    1. We used to live in Brandon 30 or so years ago, right next to fields which are now full of houses!


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