Sunday, 31 May 2015

3rd visit to Sheringham Park

Once again, we visited here to see the lovely Rhododendrons and Azalea's:

Walking down towards the station to have lunch:

Two engines pulling carriages came in whilst we were there:

 Exchanging the token so only one is allowed on the single track at a time:
On our previous visits, we had failed to notice a little allotment, presumably set up for when they have their 1940's weekends. Not much was in the garden but here is a reminder of most peoples toilets in the countryside at this time::
My nana and granddad still had a double version one of these in an outhouse in the 1960's! They also had an Anderson shelter:
 I like the way they had decorated the inside with newspapers and magazines from the war time era:
We bought sandwiches and drinks and sat on the platform to what all that was happening. It was as ever, a lovely visit!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Holkham Hall

The past two weeks have seen us still walking, but repeating walks previously undertaken. Couldn't really see the point in posting duplicate photographs.

Our walk this week however, whilst being another one at Holkham Hall, was around a route not done before.

The main cafe, shop, museum, are currently closed for all of 2015 due to refurbishment. Should be good once done. They do have a newly regenerated playground, pop up cafe and shop. We went elsewhere though for lunch as other than a few hot pies and sandwiches, they don't have the lovely sausage baps they normally do. Shame really as they are very popular.

Anyway to the walk. We parked in the first bit, which is free. Had our coffee and biscuits and set off. We all took light coats or a light jumper but were soon removing them as it turned into another lovely day. Herewith some photographs. After walking up to the gate, we turned left and walked around the fields and woodland:
Came across this huge farm being renovated:
On the side was this, part of machinery for turning a steam driven belt:
DB and E striding out:
Coming back towards the hall:
The family emblem is an ostrich with a horseshoe in its mouth:
Coming into view, the thatched roof of the old ice house:
All in all, a good 4 mile walk, which took us 1 hour and 30 minutes. We drove to The White Horse pub at Holme next the Sea for lunch. Very nice. Back home, we sat on the patio in the sun having tea and biscuits to finish off!