Sunday, 31 May 2015

3rd visit to Sheringham Park

Once again, we visited here to see the lovely Rhododendrons and Azalea's:

Walking down towards the station to have lunch:

Two engines pulling carriages came in whilst we were there:

 Exchanging the token so only one is allowed on the single track at a time:
On our previous visits, we had failed to notice a little allotment, presumably set up for when they have their 1940's weekends. Not much was in the garden but here is a reminder of most peoples toilets in the countryside at this time::
My nana and granddad still had a double version one of these in an outhouse in the 1960's! They also had an Anderson shelter:
 I like the way they had decorated the inside with newspapers and magazines from the war time era:
We bought sandwiches and drinks and sat on the platform to what all that was happening. It was as ever, a lovely visit!


  1. Fabulous photos. Aren't rhododendrons and azaleas beautiful !?!
    We were still using an outside loo in the 1970s. We lived in a rented house for a while when we first moved back to the market town my Mum was born in, and it didn't have a bathroom, so outdoor loo and tin bath it was!

    1. They are lovely aren't they. My granddad buried the toilet contents for a year before using it on the garden. Black gold he called it!


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