Sunday, 5 July 2015


On Friday, we drove across to Wroxham to have a look at Wroxham Miniature World, the link to which can be found here

It was a hot day so by the time we arrived we asked for a drink from the cafe even though it was not due to open for another 10 minutes. They duly complied.

The toy section brought back some memories not only for each of us, but also us remembering what DS had grown up with.

Herewith a few pictures:

As big a place as it was, the set ups are also large. Luckily it was almost empty as we were early. They were good but in all honesty, it took us less than an hour to wander around and for that, we both thought the entrance price a little too steep.

We then drove onto Wroxham to have a look around all the 'Roys' shops before having a fish and chip lunch (they forgot our bread) but as it turned out, despite it being a small lunch, we were both full.

We wandered off to a nearby ice cream shop to have our selection for our pudding!

Drove home then watched Heather Watson thrash Serena Williams before her nerves got the better of her and she eventually lost. Well done Heather.