Thursday, 26 May 2016

Brancaster Staithe

Our walking companion E;, is away on holiday this week so we took ourselves off to the above named place for our walk. Itg was another one of those days weather wise where you don't know what to wear coat wise.

DB settled for short shirt sleeves and a light sleeveless jacket. I settled for long shirt sleeves, a lightwieght cardigan and sleeveless jacket. He was probably cold to begin with whereas I was just right.

Later in the walk though, especially when out of the wind, I got too hot so had to remove my jacket.

Herewith a few pictures. The first two show the glory of two wild roses even if you can't smell their divine scent:

We were walking on a dodgy bit of path here but you could hear all the lines on the masts tinkling in the stiff breeze:
Says it all really, so much destruction of property and land:
All in all though, a grand walk.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


We are still walking every week, as stated before, going over many of our old walks. We were getting a bit worried that we might have missed the best of the Bluebells and Wood Anenome at Foxley Wood, so that is where we ventured last week for our 212th walk!

There were not many parking spaces left and those that were available, were quite wet and muddy. Not to worry though as we have full wet and dry walking gear.

After having our coffee and biscuits I went to get my walking bag only to find I had left my walking boots at home and the only things in the bag were sandals to change into afterwards. I had to do the walk in my normal boots but with walking socks on:(

We couldn't get close to the start, as the previous weekend, had been one of the last official Bluebell guided walks. We retraced out steps to the entrance of the parking area and walked down a long gritty path. Many deep, squealchy boggy areas needed negotiating but my normal boots held out even if they were very dirty by the end.

Herewith a few pictures:

Whilst they were just beginning to go over, their scent was still in the area, the sun finally came out and we really enjoyed our walk.