Thursday, 26 May 2016

Brancaster Staithe

Our walking companion E;, is away on holiday this week so we took ourselves off to the above named place for our walk. Itg was another one of those days weather wise where you don't know what to wear coat wise.

DB settled for short shirt sleeves and a light sleeveless jacket. I settled for long shirt sleeves, a lightwieght cardigan and sleeveless jacket. He was probably cold to begin with whereas I was just right.

Later in the walk though, especially when out of the wind, I got too hot so had to remove my jacket.

Herewith a few pictures. The first two show the glory of two wild roses even if you can't smell their divine scent:

We were walking on a dodgy bit of path here but you could hear all the lines on the masts tinkling in the stiff breeze:
Says it all really, so much destruction of property and land:
All in all though, a grand walk.

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