Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Around Brisley

Our walk this week is one we have done before. It is around 4 miles and usually takes about 1.5 hours to complete.

Since we last walked it, fence boundaries appear to have been moved, farmers have sown crops over access paths etc. This resulted in it being difficult to follow our map.

Time passed in an ever growing painful way. I was carrying a foot problem from last week so was strapped up to try ease the discomfort. After realising we had lost our way and now 2 hours in and not knowing how long we had left, the underneath of my sore foot got very painful and I thought I had a small stone in my shoe.

Off it came, plus the sock and strapping- no apparent stone. We set off but within a few steps I felt it again so we stopped to try and sort it out. Nothing doing. I covered my foot best I could. By now, E was starting to limp (bursitis in the hip), soon followed by DB with an ache in his thigh!

Finally we saw a church in the distance and hobbled along to it - North Elmham, 2 miles from Brisley. How we walked those last 2 miles I don't know and by the end my limp was quite bad as I tried to not put any weight on the pad of my foot.

Our walk took just under 3 hours and having measured it when we got home, found we had walked 7.5 miles, way off course.

We drove to The Bull at Litcham for a sandwich lunch, with 1/2 an hour to spare before they shut. I soaked my feet in a hot mustard soak but don't think I shall be walking properly for quite a few days:(