Saturday 15 June 2024

A four poster bed?

 My outdoor tomatoes are wrapped in a ‘four poster bed’ to try and keep them warm. Canes have been placed at the edges of the raised bed, then a double thickness of white fleece pegged around them. This stays up 24 hours and has been useful to protect them from the cold high winds.

Every night, a single fitted sheet is pegged into place over the top. It helps with the cold overnight temperatures we have been having. The sheet is removed every morning to allow light onto the tomatoes.

The tomatoes and peppers living in the greenhouse are growing better. 

It is ridiculous, almost halfway through June and they, as am I most days, are still dressed for winter!

Thursday 6 June 2024


 In Morrisons supermarket the other day, I noticed the multi buy price of small packs of fresh berries had changed. 

Normally, when on offer, they are 2 for £3 making each pack £1.50. Buying 2 of them individually when not on offer, would cost £4.

Their new offer is 3 for £5, making each pack. Buying 3 of them individually when not on offer, would cost £6.

Looks good at first glance until you realise each pack is actually costing you 16p more. So if you go with the offer each week, it would cost you nearly an extra £25 a year. Not huge but times that by their millions of customers and it is huge.

However, if you don’t take advantage of the offer, and buy your usual two packs a week at £2, you are still losing and they are gaining. Crafty beggars.

I wonder if the farmers are getting any of that!

Sunday 2 June 2024

Air Fryer Jam Tarts

 With the weather being so horrible yesterday, I decided to cheer us up with some baking. Making up just 4oz of pastry, I managed to make us 8 jam or lemon curd tarts:

A bit blurred and a tad overcooked which was my fault. I normally cook them for between 10 and 12 minutes on 200C air fry and they are just right. Today, I set the time to 12 minutes and walked away - doh!

Mind you, the slight caramelization on the lemon curd ones was delicious.

Friday 31 May 2024

For goodness sake!

 Tomorrow will be the first day of June and we are still having to have the occasional blast of central heating!

My outdoor tomatoes got so big they had to go out. Can’t do much to protect them from the wind but at least they have a top cover against the rain. However, it is at its full height now and they are getting squashed.

Come this weekend, they will have to be uncovered and take their chances. We were going to begin to paint the back bedroom/craft/office but it is just too gloomy to see properly.