Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Holkham Hall Walk

Never let it be said that we are only fair weather walkers!

It rained for the whole walk so no pictures. We walked as quickly as we could, arriving at their cafe just after noon. They only serve their sausage baguettes until then but DB and E., asked hopefully for one. They checked them with a thermometer and as the sausages were still hot enough, agreed to serve them.

I had a lovely lunch of crushed potatoes that had been fried, oven roasted vegetables and chicken in a cider cream sauce. I shall have a go at making it for us.

It rained as we drove home, rained all afternoon and DB and Ruby got wet on their walk.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Foxley Wood Walk

Our walk this week took us to Foxley Wood just outside Watton. We couldn't get there last year as Ruby was too small to be allowed on the ground and a little too heavy to carry in her bag.

We didn't think the bluebells were quite so good this year. We have had a quite dry winter and spring in Norfolk this year. That and the hot summer last year, probably made them suffer a little at the crucial time of building up their flowers for this year:

Still beautiful though and on occasions, the scent was very apparent.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Its been a while....

Since I posted on here but we have finally done a new walk - around West Runton.

We parked in the car park, close to the beach at West Runton, taking note of the Sea View Beach Cafe and toilets here.

Dogs are allowed on the beach in certain places and from the beach, you could walk to Cromer and back quite easily if the tide is right. In fact, you can see Cromer Pier, a useful guide.

A lovely house with lavender hedging:
View of the station from the bridge:
A myriad of horses resident at Redwings Horse Sanctuary:

We tried to eat at several places during our walk but none did anything we fancied (all very much fish based meals and snacks). In the end, when we got back to the car, we ate at the cafe. Probably the nicest bacon sandwiches we have had for a long while, plus good hot drinks.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Cowslips and piglets!

Our walk this week took in a circular tour around Ringstead. Courtyard Farm over the years, have planted thousands of cowslips, which are now naturalising over one field as well as spilling out into adjoining ones:

Further on in the walk, we also came across many pigs, some of whom had piglets:

They look quite large in the last two pictures but were actually tiny - so sweet. We ended up at Heacham Lavender for lunch. E. and myself had a small ham, egg and chips, and DB a pensioner fish & chips - £5.75 each, good value for money and tasty as always. You could tell the Easter holidays were on though as it was very busy.